Puppy Parlor - "Where your pet is always in good hands"
     If you are like us, your pet is a member of your family that you love and care about deeply!  Why not take them to a grooming salon where you know they will always be well treated and taken care of!

Grooming Services Offered:
  • Bathing
  1. We use a Hyrdro Surge bathing system, which is a high pressure bathing system used
  2. to penetrate deep into the pets coat.  Good for bathing the dirtiest dog and also great at loosing up all the dead hair and undercoat for more efficient brushing and deshedding!
  3. We also use all natural shampoos made by one of the top companies, Natures Specialties!  Because your pet deserves the best!
  • Trimming
  • Full Hair Cuts
  • Nail Clipping and Filing
  • Facials
  1. The ultimate in pet pampering!  Deep cleansing facial scrub is formulated with a special blend of chamomile, aloe vera, green tea, calendula, eucalyptus, and mint to soothe, hydrate and calm. Optical brighteners help to eliminate tear stains.
  • Paw Spa Treatments
  1. Does your pet have rough paws?  Why not get them a paw spa treatment.  Consists of a paw scrub to help soften your pets paws, then follows with a protective cream to leave a protective coating on the paws to help prevent injury.
  • Shed Treatment
  1. Are you tired of all the hair around the house?  FURminator shed treatments start with a special shedding shampoo which is enriched with omega-3 fatty acids to help reduce  excessive shedding and promote healthy skin and coats.  It is then followed with a special solution to help remove undercoat and loose hair before brushing.  Frequent treatments help reduce the amount of dander and hair in homes for a shed-less environment. Ideal for use in households with allergy sufferers.  The FURminator shed treatment is always ended with extensive brushing with the FURminator brush.
  • Teeth Care
  1. Teeth Care is a two step process.  First a gel is applied to your pets teeth.  This professional pet dental gel helps to reduce plaque and tartar and freshen breath. Reduces the bacteria that cause bad breath. Soothes irritated gums.  Then followed by a freshening spray to further help with reducing plaque and tarter and fresher breath.
  • Anal Glands expressed
  1. Is your pet "Scooting" their rear on your carpet, licking or chewing back there?  They might need their glands released!
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